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Esmond Knight Film Credits
Year Title Part Other Cast Members

Superman IV:

The Quest for Peace

Second Elder

Christopher Reeve,

Gene Hackman

1984 The Element of Crime Osborne Michael Elphick
1976 Robin and Marian Old Defender Sean Connery,
Richard Harris
1973 Yellow Dog Mundt

Robert hardy

Caroline Seymour

1972 The Boy Who Turned Yellow Doctor

Helen Weir,

Brian Worth

1969 Where's Jack? Ballad Singer Tommy Steele
1969 Ann of the Thousand Days Kingston Richard Burton,

Genevieve Bujold,

Nora Swinburne

1965 The Spy Who Came
In From The Cold
Old Judge Richard Burton,

Clare Bloom

1963 Decision At Midnight Peter Hauser

Walter Fitzgerald,

Martin Landau,

Nora Swinburne

Torin Thatcher

1960 Peeping Tom Arthur Baden

Carl Boehm,

Anna Massey,

Moira Shearer

1960 Sink The Bismarck! Captain Leach

(portraying the commanding officer of HMS Prince of Wales in the battle in which Esmond himself was blinded)

Kenneth Moore,

Michael Hordern

1959 Third Man On The Mountain  

Michael Rennie,

Nora Swinburne

1958 The Battle of the V1 Stricker

Michael Rennie,

Christopher Lee

1958 Operation Dagger Cast Member  
1957 The Prince And The Showgirl Hoffman

Marilyn Monroe,

Laurence Olivier

1956 Helen Of Troy High Priest

Brigitte Bardot,

Cedric Hardwicke,

Nora Swinburne

1955 The Dark Avenger writing credit - provided some dialogue and dialogue coaching

Errol Flynn,

Peter Finch

1954 Richard III Sir Richard Ratcliffe

Laurence Olivier,

Ralph Richardson

1954 Full Circle Commentator  
1953 The Steel Key Professor Crabtree

Terence Morgan,

Joan Rice

1952 Girdle Of Gold

William Evans

(Evans the Milk)

Petra Davies,

Glyn Houston

1952 Arrow To The Heart

Major Kartuschke,

Legal Officer

1951 The River The Father Nora Swinburne
Adrienne Corri
1951 Without Fear Narrator
(animated film)
1950 Gone To Earth Abel Woodus

Jennifer Jones,

David Farrar

1950 The Compelled People Hugo von Gerhardt  
1948 Hamlet Bernardo

Laurence Olivier,

Jean Simmons

1948 Deep Waters Captain Charles Baxter RN Dana Andrews
1948 Holiday Camp Camp Announcer

Dennis Price,

Flora Robson

1948 The Red Shoes Livingston (Livy) Montague

Moira Shearer,

Anton Walbrook

1947 Uncle Silas Dr Bryerly

Jean Simmons,

Derrick de Marney

1947 The End Of The River Santos


1947 The Likes Of 'Er George Miles  
1947 Black Narcissus The Old General

Deborah Kerr,

David Farrar,

Flora Robson

1944 The Halfway House David Davies

Mervyn Johns,

Glynis Johns

1944 Henry V Fluellen Laurence Olivier,
John Laurie,
1944 A Canterbury Tale


Seven Sisters Soldier,

Village Idiot

Eric Portman,

Dennis Price,

Sheila Sim

1943 The Silver Fleet

Von Schiffer

(first film role after

active service)

Ralph Richardson,

Googie Withers

1941 This England  

Emlyn Williams,

Constance Cummings

1941 Fingers Sid Harris

Clifford Evans,

Edward Rigby

1940 Contraband Mr Pidgeon

Conrad Veidt,

Valerie Hobson

1939 The Arsenal Stadium Mystery Raille

Leslie Banks,

Brian Worth

1939 Weddings Are Wonderful Guy Rogers

June Clyde,

Michael Ripper,

George Carney

1938 What Men Live By Angel  
1937 The Vicar Of Bray Dennis Melross

Stanley Holloway,

Felix Aylmer

1936 Pagliacci Cadet Silvio

Richard Tauber,

Jerry Verno


Schwarze Rosen

English version released as ...

Did I Betray? (1937)

Pavo Collin Lillian Harvey
1935 Crime Unlimited Peter Bordon  
1935 Dandy Dick Tony Mardon Will Hay
1935 Some Day Curly Blake Margaret Lockwood
1934 The Blue Squadron Captain Carlo Banti

Greta Hansen,

Cecil Parker,

Hay Plumb

1934 Father And Son Michael Bolton

Edmund Gwenn,

Roland Culver

1934 Girls Will Be Boys Geoffrey Dawson

Irene Vanbrugh,

Edward Chapman

1934 Lest We Forget Pat Doyle Jnr

George Carney,

Roddy Hughes

1934 Womanhood Jack Gordon

Christine Adrian,

Charles Castella

1934 King Of Whales Gideon  
1933 The Bermondsey Kid Eddie Martin

Len Harvey,

Anna Lee

1933 Waltzes From Vienna Strauss the Younger

Jessie Matthews,

Edmund Gwenn

1933 The Private Life Of Henry VIII Falcon trainer with his uncle, Captain C.W.R.Knight

Charles Laughton,

Elsa Lanchester,

Robert Donat

1932 The Ringer John Lenley

Gordon Harker,

Dorothy Bartlam


Film about falconry made by

Captain C.W.R. Knight

(title unknown)

Henry VIII Frances Clare
1931 77 Park Lane Phillip Connor

Roland Culver,

Betty Stockfield

1931 Deadlock John Tring

Hay Plumb,

Alma Taylor

1931 Romany Love Davy Summers

Florence McHugh,

Roy Travers

1929 The Blue Peter Radio Operator

Matheson Lang,

Mary Dibley